The “Decreto Rilancio”, with its numerous regulatory amendments, has introduced important provisions concerning the deduction of expenses incurred in connection with specific energy efficiency interventions, seismic interventions, the installation of photovoltaic systems, and infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles in buildings. The facilitation measures, which provide for a deduction or recognition of a tax credit of varying extent depending on the type of incentive, have a strong environmental and economic impact and represent a development opportunity for operators in the building and energy upgrading industry and for clients themselves.

As with all tax advantages, however, such bonuses are caught in the meshes of very complex requirements, compliance with which at the same time guarantees and also influences their use.

The Firm has already gained significant expertise in the sector, which has resulted in the publication of numerous articles in the specialised press and in a specially dedicated section of its blog, “Fiscalità dell’Energia”.

The Firm provides its private and corporate clients with specialised assistance, from the preparation of complex contracts, to documentary verification, to the issuing of opinions on complex cases, to compliance attestation services preparatory to the transfer of credits, as well as assistance in transfer operations to the final transferee and preparatory due diligence activities.

In solid partnership with leading engineering companies, software houses and professional design studios, the Firm is also able to offer its clients a package of integrated services. Finally, the Firm offers its legal assistance to companies and taxpayers in case of suspension, annulment or contestation of the tax credit by the Italian tax Authorities (Agenzia delle Entrate).