The “Decreto Rilancio” introduced new provisions regarding the deduction of expenses incurred for specific energy efficiency interventions, anti-seismic investments, installation of photovoltaic systems as well as infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles in buildings (the so-called “Superbonus”). The measure, which provides for a deduction or recognition of a tax credit equal to 110% of the amount spent, has a strong environmental and economic impact and represents a unique opportunity for operators in the building sector, as well as for companies active in the energy requalification sector.

Like all benefits, it is, however, caught in the meshes of very complex requirements, whose full compliance guarantees and, at the same time, conditions its use.

The firm has already gained considerable experience in this field, which has also been reflected in articles in the specialised press.

Fraud through invoices for non-existent transactions
Uncorrected building abuses block 110% and trigger litigation
Fraudulent declaration is triggered if the invoice is for work not carried out
The facilitation charges professionals with responsibility
Condominium owners do not withhold any tax with the discount on the invoice
Assignment of professionals with three contractual schemes

and in numerous comments on our website “Fiscalità dell’Energia” (Energy Taxation)

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