The Firm

Salvini and Soci is an associated law firm, specialised in tax matters, with offices in Rome and Milan. Composed of about thirty professionals, it was created by Livia Salvini, full professor of tax law, and by lawyers Davide De Girolamo, Chiara Todini and Giovanni Panzera da Empoli, in continuity with the high tradition of the founder Franco Gallo, President emeritus of the Constitutional Court and former Minister of Finance, currently of counsel of the Firm.

The firm is totally committed to the highest quality parameters: tax issues, from the most complex to the ordinary ones, require a focused and non-standardised approach, in which constant professional updating and dynamism in the relationship with customers is based on solid foundations of knowledge and experience.

In evidence

27 December 2022

Torna all’esame della Consuta la deducibilità parziale dell’Imu

Davide De Girolamo and Federico Anderloni comment in IlSole24Ore of 27 December on the referral to the Constitutional Court of the question of the illegitimacy of the prohibition on full deduction of IMU from IRES obtained before the CGTI of Genoa.

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30 settembre 2022

Conference “Profili evolutivi dell’ordinamento tributario”

On 30 September, Prof. Gallo and Prof. Livia Salvini will speak at the conference ‘Profili evolutivi dell’ordinamento tributario’ (Evolutionary profiles of the tax system) organised by the Antonio and Victor Uckmar Foundation and the University of Brescia with papers entitled, respectively, ‘...

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19 May 2022

Livia Salvini returns to comment on the illegitimacy profiles of the “extraordinary contribution against high utility bills”

Livia Salvini returns to comment on the illegitimacy profiles of the “extraordinary contribution against high utility bills”, in today’s Il Sole24Ore, 19 May 2022.

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16 May 2022

Risposta ad interpello in tema di “Corrispettivi telematici”

With its ruling no. 247/2022 related to an application edited by our firm, the Revenue Agency provides further clarifications on the consequences (and related remedies) of the malfunctioning of the RT servers, i.e. the systems for recording and telematic transmission of VAT receipts earned by retail traders.

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8 May 2019

Conference “Tax Justice Reform and Relations with the Criminal System”

Franco Gallo and Livia Salvini will speak on April 10 at the conference organised by ANTI on the reform of the tax justice and relations with the criminal system...

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